Getting Results

We are a firm of solicitors who believe in the importance of getting results.

We understand that if you have a legal problem for which you cannot get a clear answer, that can leave you feeling worried and frustrated and if things get out of control you can quickly find your financial exposure rising.

We can help. We can clarify the legal issues for you and suggest the best solution. If you agree, we will then try to achieve that solution for you while keeping you informed of each step as we go, so that you feel in control again.

To put it simply, we prioritise results while keeping the client informed.

We specialise in the small & medium business sector, with a particular interest in contractual matters, partnerships, franchising and  shareholders’ agreements.

As a multi-disciplinary practice, we also routinely deal with the usual services of buying and selling houses and commercial buildings,  injuries and accident claims, and probate matters etc, so if you think we can help you, give us a call. Many small issues can be clarified on a telephone call.

The firm has built its reputation on prioritising the achievement of results for our clients, for closing deals and winning cases. Our philosophy is to get the result which the client wants, and to  keep the client informed of the progress of their business as we do so.